Sunday, April 12, 2009

It has been awhile...

Hello devoted fan(s)!
I realize it has been since '08 (what the WHAT?!) since I have written.
Wow. Have I really been that disconnected? You'll have to forgive me, I have missed you too.

Let's see....where to begin? The holidays were good, the fam came out here to celebrate and all in all we had a great time. Since then I have finished school (whoop!) and am working on finding a career. Who would have thought a year ago when I decided to go back to school from my real-world job that now would be the worst time to be searching for a job? That is a hard pill to swallow let me tell you. And being in Cali isn't helping much either. If I had the capacity to move, I probably would. To the assessment is that subways and bad weather > traffic in LA. It will happen, someday.

I went to an interview about a month ago for a pretty big, national company (whose identity I will keep secret to protect the guilty!) and was told two things: 1) it was a good thing I didn't have a "Texas" accent and 2) my portfolio from school was "irrelevant" to the position I was applying for. I was offended for two reasons: 1) Excuse me, East Coast transplant snob, what's so wrong with a little southern twang? and 2) I applied for a MARKETING position, with portfolio of the work I did while studying MERCHANDISE MARKETING, with a background in MARKETING. Oh, now I see.....completely different. Needless to say, I didn't get the position. But would I have really wanted to work for her? Probably not. C'est la vie! (and que sera, sera)

My birthday is in exactly one week. I think it's funny that the older you get, the less you want to celebrate it. It will be the first birthday I haven't been with my family, which is weird. We will, however, be visiting an institution of epic proportions, Cha Cha Chicken. It should be real fun.
I have also been looking forward to seeing my school friends soon. (hint hint!)

I promise to post more insights more frequently, and will possibly issue another installment of everyone's favorite "Trash or Trend" in the near future.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Day 2

As if I couldn't have had more fun, I went back to Fashion Week on Tuesday. I went for the early shift (11 to 5) and boy was I in for some good times. When I first got there, the neurotic volunteers coordinator told us to get the press goody bags (all 1000 of them) and bring them to headquarters. Easy enough, right? Sure, until we get to the garage where the bags are and they tell us "Oh, all this other sponsor crap didn't get put into these you'll need to do that."

Let me just tell you....MB donated these cheap nylon zipper totes and the sponsors (like Hint, the LA Times, Panera Bread, etc.) donated the stupidest things to fill it with. For example, the LA Times donated a plastic light-up ring. Panera donated a ceramic mug (not in a box) that said "Panera Catering" on it. Puh-leeze. (Aside: Blackberry was also a sponsor of Fashion week....why didn't anyone get a Blackberry?!?!?!) Anyhow, it was literally impossible to fit anything else into the overly-stuffed bags, but we had to do it anyway. Oh, and finish them all in an hour. We unpacked and repacked all the bags we could until FINALLY they let us go eat lunch. My fingers were blistered from zipping all those bags. It was awful.

After lunch (thanks Chipotle!!), I decided there was no WAY I was going back to the bags. The volunteer coo
rdinator asked me if I had ever dressed before, and I said No but I can learn quick, and I was off to the main tent to dress a model for the Lana Fuchs show.

Once I got backstage, the stage manager assigned me to Djosephine, looks #3 and #30. I faked my way into figuring out what the most efficient way to buckle dressy strappy shoes (buckle in the back, foot in, pull through) and how to zip and unzip couture without snagging. I was total aces.

I met my model (who w
as so nice) before the shoe rehearsal. She had to be at least 5"11' but her shoe size was a 7! She tried her shoes on for the show and they were TOO BIG, even though they were supposed to be a 7. Poor girl did her rehearsal and slipped out of them. We had to find shoe pads and basically tape her foot into these hideous (sorry Lana Fuchs) shoes so she wouldn't become fashion roadkill on the runway. The stage manager was screaming about not blaming anyone but the shoemaker. Pretty intense, but hey that's how fashion is.

Djosephine had two looks, one short green dress (one zipper) and one long beige jersey dress (one zipper) (steamed by yours truly) and no shoe change, so it made my job pretty easy. Since she was third and then thirtieth, I wasn't too worried that she wouldn't make it. 4:30 rolls around and it's time to get her in her green dress. Done. Walk walk walk. Backstage, she's trying to unzip herself out of this dress and it's stuck. I try, still stuck. The girl next to me tried, still stuck. tick tock tick tock. Finally I am yanking so hard on this dress I think it is going to rip and the zipper goes. Hallelujah! We throw her next look on and zip it up, no problem....and she is back on the runway. In her too big shoes. Wow. Here's her still shots:

The LA Times said the Lana Fuchs show was the hottest show at Fashion Week. I am not sure if that is true.....but the music was way hot! Since I was backstage, I didn't get to see any of the celebs that were there, like Joel Madden, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, etc. but that's ok. I had a great time!

Watch the runway show here. Even just for the music!!
Note: these models are all pretty fierce walkers, but the shoes were the worst! A lot of them had trouble walking in them, including Djosephine.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the Cutting EDGE: Mercedes-Benz LA Fashion Week, Day 1

This has been quite the week!

Sunday: Ro and I go to breakfast at Cafe Marmalade and who is sitting across from us? None other than rock god Dave Evans, aka The Edge, guitarist in a little
band from Ireland called U2. nbd....just another day in the life. I immediately texted my good friend Tim, who told me to ask The Edge if he had found what he was looking for yet. I laughed so hard I could barely keep it together.

Pretty rad day so far. Post delicious eggs and even better French coffee, I was on my way to Smashbox Studios for Day One of Fashion Week. I had no idea what I was to do there, but I knew it would be an experience. Aside from the waiting around at the beginning, it was really fun. Here, an approximate time line for the day:
1:00pm: Arrive in the Main Tent to set up for the Kevan Hall show, taping seat
assignments on chairs, sections A-H, Rows 1-8.
2:00pm: gift bags arrive. Borba sponsored the show and donated bottles of their secret s
kin enhancing water for the gift bags. Line gift bags up on plastic-covered runway.
2:10pm: Stage manager yells. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON THE RUNWAY. Take bags off.
2:15pm: Random PR girl
tells us to get Borba waters for bags. Continue to put Borba in bags.
2:17pm: Stage manager runs in and yells. ABSOLUTELY NO WATER IN THE TENTS. Take Borba out of bags, return boxes to backstage.
2:18-3:00pm: Line rows 1 and 2 with bags, change sponsor tags, and zip tie chairs togeth
er (every other chair, NOT on the back row)
3:01-4:30pm: Get chosen to stand in front of the door in order to usher people to their seats.
3:45pm: Show Brent Bolthouse his seat (FREAK OUT!!!) (aside: he is all tatted out. lovesit.)

4:45pm: Show begins. Click click click go the press.
5:45pm: Show ends. Clap clap clap go the people.
6:05-6:30pm: Go search for friend (and ride) Shana to see if we should leave. Use credentials to go backstage, Judith Ripka jewelry lounge, and anywhere else I wanted.
6:35pm: Accidentally walk into Sta
ge One, look for Shana. Suh-Tan show about to start. Oops. Watched the show....what a bummer (haha)
7:00pm: Peace

ably one of the longest days I've seen in awhile, but I sure did love every minute of it. Sure it was fun seeing Rachel Griffiths, Garcelle Beauvais, LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Tia Mowry (Sister Sister!!!), but that is only the surface of it. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this is such a big deal to these designers. This is their shot to make (or solidify) a name for themselves in the industry and prolong their careers. They followed their dreams and are now showing in one of the most lucrative events of the year....and I got to be a small part of it. When the music blares from the speakers and the lights blind from ceiling, there's just nothing like it. Kevan's show was full of drama and suspense.....which makes me love him. Nbd....just another day in the life.

Watch the runway show won't regret it.

Tomorrow, day two.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

8 days in Texas......

I realize it has been over a month since I last wrote. Because I was flooded with so many angry readers (obviously), I see it essential that I post today while I should be packing for my trip.

School has come to a close for the quarter and I have definitely enjoyed my time off. I worked hard (guess who made the Honor Roll?!) and now I can play a little. Let me just tell you that we went apple picking last weekend and I cannot WAIT for it to be Fall. The apple crisp I made with those picked apples probably loosely rivals that Paula Deen and your grandma....I'm talking that good. (aside: Spartans and Macintosh apples are most delicious.)

I am over the moon about my trip back to Texas (for more than two days) to see the fam and I am even more excited about going back to College Station. I feel like the trip is mostly based around what places we will go to eat (i.e. Blue Baker, Shakes, La Bodega, Cafe Eccell) and that's ok with me. I have such good memories about that place....I think about it all too often.
What do you pack for 8 days in Texas? That's a good question. I assume I will pack clothes for all weather occasions (long sleeved ts, jeans, skirts, etc.) because you just never know.
I am excited to get on the plane in order to continue reading Eat Pray Love. I am late on that bandwagon (I know I know) but I can't put it down. And when I do, all I think about is picking it up again. Elizabeth decides to learn Italian for the sake of learning something beautiful....which is why I too got Italian For Dummies in college and the lessons are still on my iPod. She also decides she is going to travel, no matter how much it costs, monetary or otherwise. Totally brilliant.

Well I guess I should keep packing. Don't forget to watch all the great television that is on tonight (Thursday)! xoxo

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In order to go to Fashion School......

you must have a sense of style. Or so one would think.
Think of all the trendy things you can think of.
Now imagine them all on one girl, all at the same time.
Tres Chic or Train Wreck?
These, my friends, are my peers at school. It never ceases to amaze me; the amount of trends these girls decide to wear every day. It seems to be our school uniform. Unfortunately,I too have fallen victim (or jumped on the bandwagon?) of some of these trends aka I am currently obsessed with big belts...but who isn't?!
So, I deem it necessary to educate on the desires of all young ladies regarding this season's hottest trends.
I give you......TRASH or TREND.

TRASH or TREND: Leggings as pants
Survey says: TRASH

Fact: as far as I know, for an article of clothing to be considered PANTS, it must have a proper waistband, as well as the occasional button/zipper closure and front/back pockets. In addition to these details, PANTS are typically made of natural fibers (i.e. wool, denim, cotton, etc.) and most importantly not made of 100% spandex.
This poor tiny girl I saw yesterday....was wearing my favorite American Apparel track grey deep v with black leggings. The shirt barely covered her bottom half....she looked like she just got back from dance class, rehearsing for her summer recital.
Oh the AGONY! I could not even imagine replacing dark denim with tight black spandex with my grey t. Leggings + tshirt does not an outfit make.
Under dresses, now that is a different story. Since the dress is the main essential to your outfit, the leggings are purely an accessory. Should you be a dancer, you are somewhat the exception to this rule, as long as your route from dance class does not include any other stops at public places. No, not even to Coffee Bean!

Bottom Line: Leggings never equal

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a rockin' good time

So today, (Tuesday July 29th, 2008) I survived my first earthquake. Is it some sort of initiation into California? A rite of passage, if you will? If so, I passed with flying colors.

I was in Best Buy when it hit, looking for a new printer. Exciting, right?! Well it was until all of a sudden, every banner in the place was shaking and clanging around. For about 45 seconds. I started looking around...I wondered if it was a real one. Everyone else in the store didn't even blink. Once it was over, I went over to the mall...really to go to Target. The guy in Target said they had evacuated the Macys there because their water line had been broken and h20 was pouring out of the ceiling. (Side note: that happened to me once while I was at Fossil in Northpark. Good ole Sonic's water line was leaking and it started raining in the store. It was (not) awesome. Dejavu.) I didn't believe him until I walked out and saw a swarm of people standing in the parking lot of the store, watching fire trucks pull in. Crazy, right? I heard on the news that "The Big One" (I assume the one that will tear the state off the mainland, right out into the Pacific) will happen in the next 30 years. I hope I'm not around for that one.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a brush with death and greatness.....

I almost got side-swiped today by some old crazy lady while driving to school. I was on the 101, just minding my own business until I glance out my side mirror and see this green Escape behind, thisclose to taking me out. I honked and and she came to her senses. I was furious and nervous and my stomach was tied up. Just another reason I can't wait to move to Santa Monica: less driving!

In other news, Ro and I went to the Topanga mall yesterday, at random, to look at furniture. Lo and behold, I see a vision in orange Lacoste head of us as we were walking through Macys. It was Michael Moloney, tanorexic designer from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I was shocked/thrilled f
or two reasons:
1) what star goes to Topanga Mall? On a Monday?
2) what star tans so much he matches the color of his shirt?

Nonetheless, I was totally j of the new i-Phone bag he clutched. Who wants to buy me one? I promise I will keep up with you more?

here he is, ten shades lighter.