Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a rockin' good time

So today, (Tuesday July 29th, 2008) I survived my first earthquake. Is it some sort of initiation into California? A rite of passage, if you will? If so, I passed with flying colors.

I was in Best Buy when it hit, looking for a new printer. Exciting, right?! Well it was until all of a sudden, every banner in the place was shaking and clanging around. For about 45 seconds. I started looking around...I wondered if it was a real one. Everyone else in the store didn't even blink. Once it was over, I went over to the mall...really to go to Target. The guy in Target said they had evacuated the Macys there because their water line had been broken and h20 was pouring out of the ceiling. (Side note: that happened to me once while I was at Fossil in Northpark. Good ole Sonic's water line was leaking and it started raining in the store. It was (not) awesome. Dejavu.) I didn't believe him until I walked out and saw a swarm of people standing in the parking lot of the store, watching fire trucks pull in. Crazy, right? I heard on the news that "The Big One" (I assume the one that will tear the state off the mainland, right out into the Pacific) will happen in the next 30 years. I hope I'm not around for that one.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a brush with death and greatness.....

I almost got side-swiped today by some old crazy lady while driving to school. I was on the 101, just minding my own business until I glance out my side mirror and see this green Escape behind, thisclose to taking me out. I honked and and she came to her senses. I was furious and nervous and my stomach was tied up. Just another reason I can't wait to move to Santa Monica: less driving!

In other news, Ro and I went to the Topanga mall yesterday, at random, to look at furniture. Lo and behold, I see a vision in orange Lacoste head of us as we were walking through Macys. It was Michael Moloney, tanorexic designer from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I was shocked/thrilled f
or two reasons:
1) what star goes to Topanga Mall? On a Monday?
2) what star tans so much he matches the color of his shirt?

Nonetheless, I was totally j of the new i-Phone bag he clutched. Who wants to buy me one? I promise I will keep up with you more?

here he is, ten shades lighter.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

everybody's somebody

I realize I haven't been very timely in my postings via this blog. I want to apologize to my many (one) fans (fan).....I will do my best to keep this updated!

Let me just say it's no walk in the park living here in cali. Sure, Us Weekly gives a glamorized snapshot into the lives of our favorite stalked celebrities but that is far from my experience as of late. It's not all Sprinkles cupcake eatin'-Coffee Bean drinkin'-Hyde VIPn'-Rodeo Drive credit card maxin' as you'd like to think. I have missed Texas plenty of times....such as when it takes half an hour to get to the grocery store and two hours to get anywhere else.

On any given day, it can take me from 30 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes to get from school (down
town) to the canyon. Should I take public transit (1 bus : 9 stops, 1 train : 8 stops), consisting of creepers and women of the night (ahem), my trip turns into over 2 hours easy.
So what is the solution? I'm not sure yet. We will find out on friday as I attempt to take public transit to my class.

Now I don't blame the citizens of 'Cal-ee-forn-ee-ah' (AHH-NOLD!) for not utilizing city transport. It's definitely not as popular as say NYC subways or even San Frans buses. And why would they leave their cars? Gas prices?! Absolutely NOT when they have a mobile apartment in their Priuses. I am guilty of the same desire to adore my car as a save haven full of things that remind me of Texas. When you get on a bus or train, you lose that stability. For me, hopefully, it will be a small price to pay on fridays.

In other news, Mom came in town this past weekend and we had a solid time. Ro and I now have Universal Studios season passes (!!!!) so to all you planning on visiting, this must be in your itinerary :) We ate at some pretty good breakfast spots such as the famed Urth Caffe (where many scenes from Entourage are shot) and Jinky's (a lesser known, cheaper joint with excellent pumpkin pancakes...and 20+ kinds of chili....what?), both in Santa Monica.

Don't worry, when you come, we can go there too.

School has kept me busy so far....and it has been successful. It is weird that all my classes relate to things I want to ultimately do when I grow up, and I have enjoyed all of it. It will be a lot of work, but I am ready for it.

Side note: my first celebrity sighting was a British actor named Malcolm McDowell, better known as Teddy K in the movie In Good Company.