Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In order to go to Fashion School......

you must have a sense of style. Or so one would think.
Think of all the trendy things you can think of.
Now imagine them all on one girl, all at the same time.
Tres Chic or Train Wreck?
These, my friends, are my peers at school. It never ceases to amaze me; the amount of trends these girls decide to wear every day. It seems to be our school uniform. Unfortunately,I too have fallen victim (or jumped on the bandwagon?) of some of these trends aka I am currently obsessed with big belts...but who isn't?!
So, I deem it necessary to educate on the desires of all young ladies regarding this season's hottest trends.
I give you......TRASH or TREND.

TRASH or TREND: Leggings as pants
Survey says: TRASH

Fact: as far as I know, for an article of clothing to be considered PANTS, it must have a proper waistband, as well as the occasional button/zipper closure and front/back pockets. In addition to these details, PANTS are typically made of natural fibers (i.e. wool, denim, cotton, etc.) and most importantly not made of 100% spandex.
This poor tiny girl I saw yesterday....was wearing my favorite American Apparel track grey deep v with black leggings. The shirt barely covered her bottom half....she looked like she just got back from dance class, rehearsing for her summer recital.
Oh the AGONY! I could not even imagine replacing dark denim with tight black spandex with my grey t. Leggings + tshirt does not an outfit make.
Under dresses, now that is a different story. Since the dress is the main essential to your outfit, the leggings are purely an accessory. Should you be a dancer, you are somewhat the exception to this rule, as long as your route from dance class does not include any other stops at public places. No, not even to Coffee Bean!

Bottom Line: Leggings never equal