Thursday, September 25, 2008

8 days in Texas......

I realize it has been over a month since I last wrote. Because I was flooded with so many angry readers (obviously), I see it essential that I post today while I should be packing for my trip.

School has come to a close for the quarter and I have definitely enjoyed my time off. I worked hard (guess who made the Honor Roll?!) and now I can play a little. Let me just tell you that we went apple picking last weekend and I cannot WAIT for it to be Fall. The apple crisp I made with those picked apples probably loosely rivals that Paula Deen and your grandma....I'm talking that good. (aside: Spartans and Macintosh apples are most delicious.)

I am over the moon about my trip back to Texas (for more than two days) to see the fam and I am even more excited about going back to College Station. I feel like the trip is mostly based around what places we will go to eat (i.e. Blue Baker, Shakes, La Bodega, Cafe Eccell) and that's ok with me. I have such good memories about that place....I think about it all too often.
What do you pack for 8 days in Texas? That's a good question. I assume I will pack clothes for all weather occasions (long sleeved ts, jeans, skirts, etc.) because you just never know.
I am excited to get on the plane in order to continue reading Eat Pray Love. I am late on that bandwagon (I know I know) but I can't put it down. And when I do, all I think about is picking it up again. Elizabeth decides to learn Italian for the sake of learning something beautiful....which is why I too got Italian For Dummies in college and the lessons are still on my iPod. She also decides she is going to travel, no matter how much it costs, monetary or otherwise. Totally brilliant.

Well I guess I should keep packing. Don't forget to watch all the great television that is on tonight (Thursday)! xoxo