Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the Cutting EDGE: Mercedes-Benz LA Fashion Week, Day 1

This has been quite the week!

Sunday: Ro and I go to breakfast at Cafe Marmalade and who is sitting across from us? None other than rock god Dave Evans, aka The Edge, guitarist in a little
band from Ireland called U2. nbd....just another day in the life. I immediately texted my good friend Tim, who told me to ask The Edge if he had found what he was looking for yet. I laughed so hard I could barely keep it together.

Pretty rad day so far. Post delicious eggs and even better French coffee, I was on my way to Smashbox Studios for Day One of Fashion Week. I had no idea what I was to do there, but I knew it would be an experience. Aside from the waiting around at the beginning, it was really fun. Here, an approximate time line for the day:
1:00pm: Arrive in the Main Tent to set up for the Kevan Hall show, taping seat
assignments on chairs, sections A-H, Rows 1-8.
2:00pm: gift bags arrive. Borba sponsored the show and donated bottles of their secret s
kin enhancing water for the gift bags. Line gift bags up on plastic-covered runway.
2:10pm: Stage manager yells. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON THE RUNWAY. Take bags off.
2:15pm: Random PR girl
tells us to get Borba waters for bags. Continue to put Borba in bags.
2:17pm: Stage manager runs in and yells. ABSOLUTELY NO WATER IN THE TENTS. Take Borba out of bags, return boxes to backstage.
2:18-3:00pm: Line rows 1 and 2 with bags, change sponsor tags, and zip tie chairs togeth
er (every other chair, NOT on the back row)
3:01-4:30pm: Get chosen to stand in front of the door in order to usher people to their seats.
3:45pm: Show Brent Bolthouse his seat (FREAK OUT!!!) (aside: he is all tatted out. lovesit.)

4:45pm: Show begins. Click click click go the press.
5:45pm: Show ends. Clap clap clap go the people.
6:05-6:30pm: Go search for friend (and ride) Shana to see if we should leave. Use credentials to go backstage, Judith Ripka jewelry lounge, and anywhere else I wanted.
6:35pm: Accidentally walk into Sta
ge One, look for Shana. Suh-Tan show about to start. Oops. Watched the show....what a bummer (haha)
7:00pm: Peace

ably one of the longest days I've seen in awhile, but I sure did love every minute of it. Sure it was fun seeing Rachel Griffiths, Garcelle Beauvais, LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Tia Mowry (Sister Sister!!!), but that is only the surface of it. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this is such a big deal to these designers. This is their shot to make (or solidify) a name for themselves in the industry and prolong their careers. They followed their dreams and are now showing in one of the most lucrative events of the year....and I got to be a small part of it. When the music blares from the speakers and the lights blind from ceiling, there's just nothing like it. Kevan's show was full of drama and suspense.....which makes me love him. Nbd....just another day in the life.

Watch the runway show here....you won't regret it.

Tomorrow, day two.


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