Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a brush with death and greatness.....

I almost got side-swiped today by some old crazy lady while driving to school. I was on the 101, just minding my own business until I glance out my side mirror and see this green Escape behind, thisclose to taking me out. I honked and and she came to her senses. I was furious and nervous and my stomach was tied up. Just another reason I can't wait to move to Santa Monica: less driving!

In other news, Ro and I went to the Topanga mall yesterday, at random, to look at furniture. Lo and behold, I see a vision in orange Lacoste head of us as we were walking through Macys. It was Michael Moloney, tanorexic designer from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I was shocked/thrilled f
or two reasons:
1) what star goes to Topanga Mall? On a Monday?
2) what star tans so much he matches the color of his shirt?

Nonetheless, I was totally j of the new i-Phone bag he clutched. Who wants to buy me one? I promise I will keep up with you more?

here he is, ten shades lighter.

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Karl said...

So, was he orange? A burnt orange? What color was the shirt exactly?