Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a rockin' good time

So today, (Tuesday July 29th, 2008) I survived my first earthquake. Is it some sort of initiation into California? A rite of passage, if you will? If so, I passed with flying colors.

I was in Best Buy when it hit, looking for a new printer. Exciting, right?! Well it was until all of a sudden, every banner in the place was shaking and clanging around. For about 45 seconds. I started looking around...I wondered if it was a real one. Everyone else in the store didn't even blink. Once it was over, I went over to the mall...really to go to Target. The guy in Target said they had evacuated the Macys there because their water line had been broken and h20 was pouring out of the ceiling. (Side note: that happened to me once while I was at Fossil in Northpark. Good ole Sonic's water line was leaking and it started raining in the store. It was (not) awesome. Dejavu.) I didn't believe him until I walked out and saw a swarm of people standing in the parking lot of the store, watching fire trucks pull in. Crazy, right? I heard on the news that "The Big One" (I assume the one that will tear the state off the mainland, right out into the Pacific) will happen in the next 30 years. I hope I'm not around for that one.

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